There’s a lot of valuable information in our email, isn’t there?

Business documents, family photos, appointment details. And so much more. If someone was to access your account, they could probably find out a huge amount about you. 

So what do you do to protect your email account? 

First, make sure you and your employees keep your personal emails separate from work ones. This will help to protect both your business and your people from threats. 

Make sure your passwords are randomly generated. And opt for multi-factor authentication to log you in (where you generate a code on a separate device). 

Be cautious of scam emails. It might sound obvious, but these emails are becoming more and more sophisticated, so they’re harder to spot than they used to be. 

Finally, take some time each day to monitor your activity. Glance at your sent messages to make sure they really were all sent by you. Look in your deleted folder to check there’s nothing unexpected there. And just double check your activity log, to ensure every time the account was accessed it was by one of your own devices. 

Think you could be doing more to protect your email? There are always more security options. Give me a call on 01454 838490