Is it just me, or when you hear the phrase ‘incognito mode’, do you think of the undercover detective image in the Chrome window?

It IS just me? OK… 

Well, incognito mode, or private browsing isn’t just there to hide your browsing history from your partner (when you’re ordering birthday presents, obviously). 

No, it can actually be utilised for an added layer of protection against cyber-crime. You see, when you use a private browsing window, it doesn’t record the websites that you’ve visited (not on that machine, anyway). Nor does it automatically remember your login details, save temporary files, or store cookies. 

Private browsing also allows you to log into several accounts on the same app at the same time, which can be convenient for things like social media, email, or file sharing. 

Did you know that administrators CAN still see employees’ activity in incognito? So you don’t need to worry whether Charlotte is secretly spending too much time on Facebook. 

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