It’s strange to think that this time last year, we had little clue there was a major global pandemic on the way

But how much have we all changed in less than 12 months? It’s remarkable really isn’t it, just how adaptive we can be. 

Sadly though, the same goes for cyber criminals. 

While we’ve all been relocating staff to home offices, and working out how to keep our businesses afloat during the tough times, they’ve been using the panic and disruption to their advantage. 

And now, there are more scams, more ransomware, and more breaches going on than ever before. 

It’s really important that you and your team keep abreast of these new, more sophisticated attacks. Staying informed could mean the difference between your company falling prey, and not. 

The best way to do this? Regular, company-wide training from experts (like us). 

We can teach everyone in your business what scams to look out for, how to detect a genuine email or website from a fake one, and above all, how to keep your company secure from data breach or attack. 

If you’d like to arrange some cyber security training for your business, we can help. Just call the helpdesk on