Try our Free 30 day trial offer of Graphus, our advanced email protection

Hundreds of businesses are being hacked and held for ransom for thousands of pounds every day via scam emails that target unaware employees to click on malicious emails which then infect your companies data and ask for money to unlock the encryption. No pressure but I thought I’d let you know about our new advanced email protection.

I’d like to offer you and your business a free 30 day trial of our advanced email security protection. Cyber security is not new, but since working from home has been the new normal it has certainly highlighted the fact that online threats, cyber-attacks and data breaches are on the rise. CEO’s and company director scams have increased by 136% over the last two years and 12% of malicious links and attachments are clicked or opened. Have you ever received an email that looked like a scam but somehow ended up in your inbox? You may have been the recipient of a phishing attack. For a couple of £’s per month per mailbox after the trial, it’s a no brainer.

Graphus is the first AI email protection solution available outside of Enterprise businesses. One key feature of this protection is that as soon as one user flags an email as ‘bad’ or a scam or spam, it will remove that email from the whole company. This dramatically reduces the risk of an attack. So all other users that have received this ‘bad’ email will never see it, it gets auto deleted straightaway and in the future. It works independently of Outlook so it will work however you read your emails, phone, tablet, webmail, Outlook and Mac or PC or any other device for that matter.

Some other cool features below:

Trust graph – analyses over 50 different attributes of your employees’ communications, including the devices they use, who they message most, what time of day they communicate, and so on. The powerful AI uses this data to create profiles of trusted relationships. TrustGraph® then compares incoming communications to these profiles to detect and prevent sophisticated phishing, spear phishing, and business email compromise attacks.

Employee shield – Graphus employs EmployeeShield®, a feature that displays an active warning banner on suspicious company emails. The banner will tell you why the message was flagged, and give you the option of looking at it safely to make your final determination. Graphus will learn from your input and adjust its parameters, so it’s always getting smarter and your company is always getting more secure

Automatic Alerts and Quarantines – Graphus can be configured to automatically alert you or your security team when suspicious messages or attachments are detected and then automatically quarantine them. Automation and AI go hand in hand to reduce the workload of your IT staff and make your cloud email system safer.

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See below a few stats on how much phishing threats have advanced over the past year.
This huge escalation in threat level is why phishing isn’t a risk that any business can afford to take likely. It’s only getting more complex and that is why we are advising this cyber email protection.

Phishing messages have skyrocketed by over 600%
Ransomware attacks increased by more than 140%
More than 80% of today’s cyberattacks are phishing based
Maladvertising threats have grown by more than 160%
A new phishing attack is launched every 39 seconds
Phishing attacks using PDF files have spiked over the past year, up 1,160%

Let me know what you think and we can activate the free trial for you to evaluate.