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One click is all it takes! One careless action opens the door to a cyber attack. As soon as a link is clicked cyber criminals can infiltrate your systems, freezing them and encrypting your data.  A cyber attack can damage your business’s reputation and result in costly downtime. It is vital that you safeguard your business and protect your assets. Cyber criminals are sophisticated, they can send emails that mimic your staff members and buy your digital credentials on the dark web. Knowledge is power. If you are vigilant about your potential weaknesses, monitor the email communications that are sent to your staff and train every employee to recognise and act on any threat, you can make sure your business is safe.

We have the knowledge and premium tools to guard your data from cyber criminals. We believe that prevention is better than cure. We utilize robust cyber security, effective end user security training and reliable threat intelligence to protect your data.

As new techniques are developed by cyber criminals we are constantly updating our knowledge and tools to deal with new cyber threats.


Don’t think that it will never happen to you. 

Dark Web Monitoring

60% of the information on the dark web could harm businesses. Usernames and passwords are up for sale. Our dark web scanning and monitoring tool can;

✓ Find out if your credentials are compromised on the dark web.

✓ 24/7/365 monitoring and analysis uses human and machine intelligence to find dark web threats.

✓ Personal email addresses can also be monitored.

✓ Understand your security weaknesses to prevent an attack.

✓ Stop password reuse.

✓ Quickly notify you of any breach.

✓ Close any security risks before an attack occurs.

✓ Detailed monthly report analytics.

✓ Predict industry patterns to ensure your business stays  protected.


Advanced email security

Simple spam filters are not enough to stop sophisticated cyber criminals. Our advanced email security packages protect every inbox from outside threats. They do this by; .

✓ Using AI technology is used to learn the communication patterns of your business.

✓ This includes looking at the devices you use, who users message most and what time of day they usually communicate.

✓ The system analyses the different attributes of employee communication.

✓ If an email doesn’t follow the usual pattern it’s flagged to the user.

✓ Analysis is undertaken in real time so there is no delay to the recipient.

✓ Helps to stop phishing, identity spoofing, email scams and malicious attachments.

✓ Simple, powerful, cost effective phishing defence.


Employees are hacked, not computers. Everyone is at risk from a phishing attempt. 90% of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email. The most effective way to avoid a ransomware incident is through phishing resistance training for all employees. 

✓ Alert and engage employees about phishing techniques and the clever tricks used.

✓ Short videos and quizzes help users understand the warning signs and build awareness of the dangers involved.

✓ Proactive sending of phishing and scam emails to all your users to monitor their awareness.

✓ Encourage openness. If an employee reports an incident the faster you can fix it.

✓ Create a culture of security within your business through consistent security awareness.

✓ Your employees are your best defence. Security awareness training can reduce the impact of a cyberattack by more that 70%.

Don’t be held to ransom. Trust us to protect your business.

Our cyber security services can be added to your monthly support package.

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