Cyber hygiene video 1

Welcome to this important video series about how to keep your organisation’s data safe. In this first video, we show you how easy it is for hackers to break into any computer.

August Tech video

Did you know we’re right in the middle of a global chip shortage? A number of different things have come together to create the perfect storm. And it’s restricting some technology supplies. Our new video explains why you should plan ahead and order early, if you need...

August Tech Insider Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the August edition of our Technology Insider newsletter. Do you encourage your team to use their own mobile devices to look at company data? Many business owners and managers do this, as it’s convenient for everyone. In this issue we look at the...

How to video – Microsoft Teams

Remote working is great, but you can still miss that ‘together’ feeling when you’re on a Teams call. Here’s how to make it look like you’re all in the same room.

How to video – Microsoft word

If you spend a lot of time searching through menus and tools in Word, then your life is about to become a lot easier. Here’s how to create your own Quick Access Toolbar, so you can get to the tools and settings you use most often with just one click.

How to video – Microsoft Excel

Excel is great for looking at lots of data, but when you can’t see the column or row headers, you have to scroll back and forth to check what the data means. Did you know there’s a great time saver which can lock the headers in place? Here’s how to do it

July’s Tech newsletter

Hello and welcome to the latest July edition of our monthly Technology Insider newsletter. Aren’t passwords a big pain? Most people hate them. Even with a password manager, they can quickly interrupt your productive flow. In this issue we look at whether biometrics,...

How to Video – Microsoft PowerPoint

If you want to create a PowerPoint presentation that will impress, consider adding sound. Music, sound effects and audio files can make your presentation stand out. It’s a lot simpler than you think.

How To Videos – Microsoft Teams

Got a video call but your room isn’t appropriate for work? Did you know you can blur your background or change it entirely in Teams? Here’s how to make your backdrop look professional, without having to do any tidying.

How To Videos – Microsoft Word

Sometimes when you’re writing an important Word document, it’s too easy to be distracted by all the menus and buttons. Did you know you can remove the clutter from Word and put it into Focus mode... with just one click? Here’s how.   

How strong is your firewall?

Yet in our experience, most business managers and owners never think about their firewall. Here’s why it’s so important and why you must get an expert to set it up for you

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