Our tips on what to look for when selecting an IT company

When you experience problems with your computer systems, regardless of the size of your company, finding an IT support company is a smart choice. Your biggest challenge is wading through the options. What should you look for in an IT support company? There are many businesses that offer support out there with multiple products and services. We have compiled a few key factors to consider when looking for an IT support company.

Know your needs
Before you can find the right company you need to decide on the type of service, availability and budget you can afford. Do you need an immediate response, 24-7 support, a regular onsite engineer, systems monitoring, each of these come with a premium.

You have critical information that you need to protect, staff that need to work and clients to service, so choosing a company that is knowledgeable is important. Every employee you deal with should understand your needs and be able to deliver fast results.

IT support specialists
Browse around; how many of these IT support specialists are actually specialists in their field? Don’t be afraid to do research; your business will be in their hands.

Ongoing support
Don’t settle for a company that meets with you once and then only talks to you after you’ve pestered them for a few days. Your IT support provider should provide you with remote backup, on-site maintenance, on-demand support with a guaranteed response time. You shouldn’t have to wait for IT support to get back to you, especially when you have a critical issue.

Reliable backup for critical data
This is one of the most important features of a good IT support provider. All of your data is backed up on your servers; backup your servers with online data backup. This is extra protection for your critical data, applications and hardware.

You can’t anticipate every problem that may occur. There will always be something that catches you and your business off-guard. Therefore, your IT support company will need to be flexible when it comes to these surprise events? Choosing IT support in London or your relevant local area will assist in ensuring that they understand your market and are around the corner to help when needed.

Dedicated team
Hire a company that employs dedicated engineers, consultants and analysts. This will free up your employees to focus on their work, instead of dividing their attention.

Customised service for your needs
Don’t settle for “one-size-fits-all” service. The systems and support models they propose and follow-through with should be customised to the needs of your company. As your needs change, so should their support.