Mobility breaks down business walls

As a business leader, you need to be available when your team needs you, and vice versa. Mobility gives you and your employees the ability to get work done when you are away from the office, your desk or even your computer. Your Office 365 subscription includes premium versions of the Word, Excel and PowerPoint mobile apps. Your workers will be able to perform the same way they would in the office – productively and effectively – in a familiar user interface that’s optimised for their Android or iOS phone or tablet.

strong>How to add a comment in Word via your Android device or iPhone

If you’re on your way to a meeting but need to give some feedback to a colleague while commuting, you
can use the Word mobile app to edit a Microsoft Word document sent to you via email directly from your

To add a comment:
Tap anywhere in a document, then click “Edit” and tap a word or anything else in the document. Type your comment. If you’re adding a comment for the first time, you’ll be asked to enter a username so that other people will know who edited the document.

Three Excel shortcuts that your workforce will love

Think that Excel is a desktop-only program? Think again. Your employees can do just about everything in Excel directly from their smartphone or tablet.

1. Formulas.
Your employees can calculate formulas using their mobile app by tapping the “Formulas” tab.

2. Easily access your files.
They can save an Excel file to OneDrive and access it quickly and easily on their mobile device.

3. Built-in keyboard.
Their tablet’s on-screen keyboard has common functions built in, so they can add formulas with ease.

4. Recommended charts.
Excel’s Recommended Charts feature is perfect for smaller screens, enabling users to quickly visualise data with a few taps of a finger.

The perks of going mobile with PowerPoint

Prepare and present on the go.
Need to fix something on the way to a presentation? Use the PowerPoint app to make those changes from your
smartphone or tablet.

Notes at your fingertips.
Read your presentation notes directly on your phone.

Cut the cables.
Without needing bulky cables and wires, you’ll be able to quickly get your presentation up and running. The Presenter View gives you full control over what your audience sees and only displays speaker notes on your tablet. New ink, laser pointer and highlighting features also let you emphasise key concepts as you present.

Know your talking points.
Ink your notes in order to help emphasise key points.

Sharing’s never been easier with OneDrive for business
Save files to the cloud on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, then send everyone a single link to the same file, along with viewing and editing permissions. Everyone in your team will have the latest version of the file, eliminating version control hassles.

Skype and collaborate with colleagues on a document in real time
Use Skype’s “Chat” feature while the team works on a shared document:
Click the “Chat” button to begin chatting over Skype with everyone working on the document.
Even if you exit the Office document, you’ll be able to continue the conversation via Skype on your
desktop or mobile device, so you can keep talking to the team as they make edits.